KA02 Assessment for skilled migration to New Zealand via IPENZ

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KA02 Assessment explanation

KA02, or Knowledge Assessment 02, is a technical document that is required to prove your competency for skilled migration to Australia and New Zealand. It is submitted to the IPENZ (Institution of Professional Engineers of New Zealand) for skill assessment. New Zealand validates the degree of engineers who are from non-accredited and non-accord countries but have the proficiency of the field of engineering that is comparable to the New Zealand standards.

It tests the candidates’ grasp of natural sciences, capability of numerical analysis and familiarity of engineering fundamentals. It evaluates the knowledge that supports engineering designs. The candidates must show their commitment to ethics, and professional responsibilities. They must also demonstrate the knowledge of research literature in the discipline. It has five sections. Section 2 has eight elements and Section 3 has four work episodes and a knowledge matrix.

Eligibility for KA02 Assessment

Here are some criteria to be met to determine your eligibility for KA02 assessment:

  • Submitting the KA02 report is mandatory, if your university has not been accredited by the concerned Engineers New Zealand authority or you are from a non-accord country.
  • You must have a 4 Year Engineering Degree that meets the standards set out by the Washington Accord. Only then will you be eligible for the IPENZ registration.
  • The candidates are required to produce the evidence of their capability to come up with the best solutions for complex engineering problems. They are required to submit a knowledge profile based on twelve elements, which includes context statements and performance indicators.
  • The candidates have to go through competency based evaluations to ascertain that they have fulfilled all the criteria for registration in the IPENZ.
  • The candidates should include models, statistics and designs related to engineering in their projects to showcase their aptitude. For those, who haven’t got any experience in the field, can use projects done in college for this.

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Types of Assessment Reports for IPENZ KA02

These are two types of Knowledge Assessments, one of which the candidates are required to submit to the IPENZ:

  • KA01:
    Our writers are well-versed in the specifications and are knowledgeable about each domain.
  • KA02:
    IPENZ has a way of evaluating candidates, whose universities are not accredited by IPENZ and/or who are from non-accord countries. They are required to submit a KA02 assessment, which judges their expertise.

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