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CDR Report Writing Service

CDR Report Writing

CDR is a compilation of documents that is used for skill based assessment by the Engineers Australia for skilled migration visa. Generally, candidates, from a non-accord country or from a non-accredited university, need to submit a CDR Report Writing for the validation of their qualifications by the Engineers Australia. It must include personal information with your latest CV, three Career Episodes, a Summary Statement, Continual Professional Development (CPD), employment letters, the score in the English language proficiency test, and the certificates of educational qualification and transcripts.

Career Episode Engineers Australia

A total of three career episodes are required for your CDR. They are used to determine if you possess Stage 1 competencies by the Engineers Australia. Career Episodes for Engineers Australia are very structured. You are required to pick one project for each Career Episode to reflect your skills. Here, you must describe the details of the task you were assigned, the technical difficulties encountered, your role in solving those engineering problems, and how you coordinated with the team (if it was a team based project) to complete the project goals within the available time and budget.

Career Episode for Engineers Australia
Summary Statement Writing for Engineers Australia

Summary Statement Writing for Engineers Australia

The Summary Statement Writing maps out the competencies by linking competency elements to the relevant paragraph stated in the Career Episodes so that it is easier for the Assessor to scrutinise. It is a grid of competency units and used to cross reference the information provided in the Career Episodes. It also evaluates your aptitude in engineering before the approval of your CDR report. It even judges you on your personal traits like your ability to work in teams, creativity, diligence, resourcefulness, honesty, professionalism, and more.

CDR Report Review

You might be great in engineering but English may not be your forte. Engineers Australia demands perfect English in CDR reports. With less than excellent English, you might not be able to express your ideas effectively. But, our team of professional writers have your back with our CDR Review Services! We put your ideas into words like butter melting on a hot pan. Our services go beyond checking for spelling mistakes and correction of grammar. We catch plagiarism and explain unclear statements, saving you from being banned for a full year. We take your CDR through many rounds of editing and proofreading until it is flawless and ready for submission.

CDR Report Review service
Stage 2 CDR Writing service

Stage 2 CDR Writing

To qualify as Chartered Professional Engineer, Stage 2 CDR writing must be submitted. After Stage 2 Competency Assessment, it certifies that the applicant has an advanced set of knowledge and skills, the work experience required, and can function properly without any supervision. It shows that the applicant is still growing professionally and will continue to maintain their engineering expertise throughout their lifetime. Moreover, it comprises a collection of your work experience letter(s) with the employers’ details and the specification of your role on it. It also includes your latest Curriculum Vitae which shows your professional development and gives a glimpse of your activities.

RPL Report Writing

If you have been working in the ICT field (Information and Communications Technology), you can use your knowledge and experience to obtain equivalent recognition by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) to work in Australia in the same field. This is because the ACS validates your qualifications in ICT in Australia too. However, you must prove you are competent enough for it by writing a ACS RPL Report (Recognition of Prior Learning). This way, your years spent on education and experience won’t go to waste. Once your RPL has been approved, you can become eligible for related jobs in Australia itself.

RPL Report Writing service
KA02 Report Writing service

KA02 Report Writing

Knowledge Assessment 02, or simply KA02 Writing, a procedural document that must be submitted to the IPENZ (Institute of Professional Engineers of New Zealand). It is a great way to showcase your aptitude. With this document, the IPENZ determines how competent you are in engineering. New Zealand also validates the qualifications of engineers from a non-accord country or a non-accredited university. It assesses the applicant in his/her knowledge of the natural sciences and skills to solve engineering problems. If you are from an accredited university, you need to submit KA01 only.

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Writing a well formatted and informative CDR is not a choice, it’s a necessity. You can write your own report, but getting accepted to EA via a skilled visa is not an everyday opportunity. Your best chances of getting approved are through professionals like CDR Engineers Australia who provide CDR services and know exactly what they are doing.

The approval of your CDR opens the door for career opportunities in the related field in Australia. The Competency Demonstration Report (CDR), which will be submitted to Engineers Australia, must be completed for your skill assessment. It is a set of technical documents that have to be evaluated and verified by the EA. The CDR report must be presented in the acknowledged format in order for Engineers Australia to approve it. It will be problematic if your report is subpar. So, do not hesitate to opt for our CDR services. We help you create immaculate CDRs with high chances of approval.

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