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Once you have passed Stage 1 of the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) assessment process, you become a member of Engineers Australia and are eligible to work and migrate to Australia. However, engineers Australia professionals can aspire to apply for Stage 2 to take their engineering career to the next level – it allows them to become Chartered Members of Engineers Australia (CPEng).

The Stage 2 competency assessment is designed to evaluate your engineering competency and experience in detail and to ensure that you meet the high standards set by Engineers Australia. Besides, demonstrating your advanced engineering knowledge and skills, it determines your commitment to ongoing professional development.

CDR Engineers Australia understands the importance of Stage 2 CDR report writing in achieving Chartered Status, and thus, we offer Stage 2 CDR writing services for Engineers Australia. Our CDR writers create a cdr report for stage 2 competency assessment that is tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

What is Stage 2 Competency Assessment For Chartered Engineers Australia?

The Stage 2 Competency Assessment is the second stage of the Engineers Australia Skills Assessment process for those who want to become Chartered Engineers in Australia. This assessment is to ensure that one has the necessary engineering knowledge, skills, and experience to be recognized as a Chartered Member of Engineers Australia (CPEng). In the stage 2 CDR report, you have to showcase your ability to apply your engineering knowledge to real-world situations and prove that you have a comprehensive understanding of your specific engineering principle.

Stage 2 Competency Standards

Stage 2 competency standards are to determine whether an engineer has the competencies to be recognized as a Chartered Member of Engineers Australia and registered on the National Engineering Register (NER). The Stage 2 competency standards apply to all disciplines of engineering in four units

  1. Personal Commitment: Engineers must have a willingness to engage in ongoing professional development. The commitment may include a commitment to ethical behaviour, professional conduct, and lifelong learning.
  2. Obligation to Community: Engineers are obliged to have a willingness to apply their skills and knowledge for the benefit of society. They must have an understanding of the social, cultural, environmental, and economic factors. They should also be committed to sustainable and socially responsible engineering practices.
  3. Value in the Workplace: Engineers have to show that they are capable of adding value in the workplace through effective communication, leadership, and project management skills. It includes an ability to work collaboratively and a commitment to continuous improvement.
  4. Technical Proficiency: Engineers must demonstrate technical proficiency in their area of engineering specialisation. This includes an ability to apply engineering principles, solve complex problems, and design innovative solutions.

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Documents Required for Stage 2 Competency Assessment

When it comes to CDR Report Writing for stage 2 Engineers Australia, there are a few requirements that are mandatory to be fulfilled by aspiring candidates. Below are listed the requirements for Stage 2 CDR report writing.

1. Engineering Competency Claims (ECCs)

In a stage 2 CDR report, you will need to provide evidence of your engineering competency claims (ECCs). They basically are statements that describe your engineering skills and knowledge, and how you have applied them in your work. These claims should be based on real-life examples from your engineering career.

2. Engineering Experience Record (EER)

An Engineering Experience Record (EER) also needs to be submitted during the stage 2 competency assessment. The EER details your engineering work experience and provides a comprehensive overview of your engineering career and demonstrates how you have gained and applied your engineering skills and knowledge.

3. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Record

Another important requirement for CDR writing for stage 2 competency assessment is to provide a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) record. In this record, you have to show how you have maintained and enhanced your engineering knowledge and skills through various learning activities – they could be attending conferences, seminars, and working in workshops.

4. Updated Resume

You must submit an updated resume while writing CDR for Chartered Engineers Australia as it showcases your latest engineering experience, skills, and achievements.

Pathways for Chartered Professional Engineers

In the stage 2 Competency Assessment, Engineers Australia provides four pathways for CDR for chartered professional engineers. They can choose either one in order to gain recognition as Chartered Engineers in Australia. These pathways include:

1. Professional Development Program (PDP)

PDP is a pathway for engineers who have completed their undergraduate degree in engineering and have at least five years of work experience in a specific engineering domain. It involves completing a series of online modules and submitting a portfolio of evidence that demonstrates your engineering competency.

2. Engineering Competency Report (ECR)

This pathway is suitable for those who have a minimum of seven years of work experience in engineering and have completed a recognised qualification in engineering. This pathway requires the submission of an Engineering Competency Report (ECR) that provides evidence of your engineering competency claims.

3. Mature Experienced Engineer (MEE)

The MEE pathway is suitable for engineers who have at least 15 years of work experience in engineering and have not completed a recognised qualification in engineering. This pathway requires you to submit an Engineering Competency Statement (ECS) and evidence of your engineering experience.

4. Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA)

The MRA pathway is suitable for engineers who are already registered with a recognised overseas engineering body and want to apply for Chartered status in Australia. It requires you to submit an Engineering Competency Statement (ECS) and evidence of your engineering experience.

Each pathway has its own set of requirements and criteria for assessing engineering competency. Our Stage 2 CDR writing services for Chartered Engineers are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each pathway, ensuring that your application has the best possible chance of success.

Process of Stage 2 Competency Assessment

The Stage 2 Competency Assessment process for Chartered Professional Engineers (CPEng) in Australia involves five basic steps, and they are the following:

Selecting a pathway

You first need to choose a pathway that is appropriate for your level of engineering skills, experience and qualifications.


Submitting an application

You then need to submit an application for stage 2 competency assessment that includes all your documents and evidence to demonstrate your engineering competency.


Application review

Engineers Australia will review your application and provide feedback on any areas that require improvement or clarification.


Competency demonstration

You first need to choose a pathway that is appropriate for your level of engineering skills, experience and qualifications.


Assessment outcome

After completing the competency demonstration, Engineers Australia will assess your application and determine whether you have met the required level of engineering competency. If your application is successful, you will be awarded Chartered status and be able to use the post-nominal CPEng.


The Stage 2 Competency Assessment process can be complex and time-consuming and thus many engineers choose others for CDR writing for Chartered Professional Engineers. We have an expert team of engineer writers who have expertise in stage 2 cdr writing for Engineers Australia.

What is Expected From an Experienced Professional Engineer?

Professional engineers are expected to be expert enough to showcase their competencies, explain how they applied those competencies to solve real-life problems, and how they will conduct themselves in the future.

An experienced professional engineer is basically expected to:

  • Understand the requirements of clients
  • Interact effectively with other disciplines
  • Invent products that solve real-life problems
  • interpret technological possibilities to society, businesses and government
  • Ensure that costs, risks and limitations are taken care of
  • Bring innovative ideas to develop solutions to complex problems and issues
  • Ensure that technical and non-technical considerations are integrated properly
  • Manage risk as well as sustainability issues

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CDR writing for Chartered Professional Engineers is often a daunting task thus, they choose service providers who can help them with their CDR writing for Chartered Engineers. We, CDR Engineers Australia, take pride in providing top-notch CDR writing services to engineers who want to achieve Chartered status with Engineers Australia.

With our CDR Writing services for Chartered Engineers Australia, you can be assured that your CDR report is well-structured, error-free, and meets all the necessary requirements of Engineers Australia. Our professional CDR report writers work closely with you to understand your engineering experience and achievements, ultimately presenting your CDR report in the best possible way by also conducting CDR Review to highlight your engineering competency. We provide unlimited revisions until our CDR writers satisfy you with the final report.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Stage 2 Competency is the second level of the competency standards set by Engineers Australia. It outlines the specific ability that engineers should possess to work as chartered engineers in Australia. The competencies include elements of both technical engineering ability and broader professional skills, such as leadership, project management, and communication.

Engineers who have completed a recognized engineering qualification and have gained sufficient professional experience can apply for a Stage 2 CDR report. Overseas engineers who successfully completed the CDR skill assessment (stage 1) and work as engineers in Australia can also apply for the stage 2 CDR skill assessment to become chartered engineers in Australia. The Stage 2 report is basically for engineers seeking chartered status in Australia.

The competencies required for chartership with Engineers Australia encompass a wide range of technical and professional skills. They are categorized into 16 elements grouped under four main units: Personal Commitment, Obligation to Community, Value in the Workplace, and Technical Proficiency. They cover various aspects such as ethical conduct, social responsibility, communication and leadership skills, risk management, and innovation.

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