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With the growing demand for engineers in Australia over the past few years, the competition for overseas engineers seeking to migrate to Australia is immensely increasing. There are various factors that can hold you back from the competition and your Professional Engineer Summary Statement is an important one.

A summary statement is an essential component of your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) to present your engineering skills and experience to Engineers Australia in an effective way. A well-written CDR report, including a powerful Summary Statement, can immensely make a difference in the outcome of your visa application for a professional engineer.

CDR Engineers Australia understands the importance of a summary statement in Engineering skills assessment and thus we offer summary statement writing service to professional engineers all around the world, including those from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Australia itself. Our summary statement writers themselves are skilled Australian engineers and they have years of experience in writing summary statements for professional engineers.

What is a Summary Statement for Professional Engineers?

The Summary Statement is a crucial component of the CDR report for engineers who want to migrate to Australia. It provides a concise summary of your engineering competencies, skills, and knowledge as per the Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment booklet.

Engineers Australia uses the summary statement to assess whether you have the necessary competencies and skills to practice as a professional engineer in Australia. A CDR summary statement is important to ensure that your engineering competencies align with EA’s requirements.

How Do You Write a Summary Statement for CDR?

Writing a summary statement for a CDR report can be a challenging task, especially for engineers who are not familiar with the requirements of the Engineers Australia Skills Assessment. The Summary Statement must align with the Engineers Australia competencies and demonstrate your engineering competencies, skills, and knowledge.

To write an effective Summary Statement, you must understand Engineers Australia’s requirements and apply your engineering experience and competencies accordingly. You need to identify the specific paragraphs in your Three Career Episodes that demonstrate your engineering skills and competencies and reference them in your Summary Statement. Moreover, It’s equally important to follow the correct format to ensure that your competencies are adequately demonstrated.

Format of CDR Summary Statement

The CDR Summary Statement is organized into three sections, each corresponding to the three competencies that Engineers Australia uses to assess one’s engineering skills and knowledge. These competencies are:

1. Knowledge and Skill Base

The Knowledge and Skill Base section of the CDR summary statement should provide a summary of your academic and technical knowledge as an engineer, including your engineering principles and your mathematical and scientific understanding. It also includes a description of how you apply them in your engineering work

Competency Areas Competency Elements
Knowledge and Skill Base
1.1 - Comprehensive understanding of fundamental sciences and engineering.
1.2 - Conceptual understanding of mathematics and computer sciences.
1.3 - Proficiency in specialist bodies of knowledge.
1.4 - Discernment of research directions.
1.5 - Knowledge of engineering design practice and contextual factors.
1.6 - Understanding of sustainable engineering practice.

2. Engineering Application Ability

The Engineering Application Ability section of the summary statement for a CDR report focuses on your practical experience as an engineer. It should demonstrate your ability to apply your engineering knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems.

Competency Areas Competency Elements
Engineering Application Ability
2.1 - Application of established engineering methods to problem-solving.
2.2 - Fluent application of engineering techniques, tools, and resources.
2.3 - Application of systematic engineering synthesis and design processes.
2.4 - Application of systematic approaches to project management.

3. Professional and Personal Attributes

The Professional and Personal Attributes section of the summary statement focuses on the personal and professional qualities that make you an effective engineer. It includes your communication skills, ethics, teamwork, and leadership abilities.

Competency Areas Competency Elements
Professional and Personal Attributes
3.1 - Ethical conduct and professional accountability.
3.2 - Effective oral and written communication.
3.3 - Creative, innovative, and proactive demeanor.
3.4 - Professional use and management of information.
3.5 - Orderly self-management and professional conduct.
3.6 - Effective team membership and team leadership.

Why Do You Need a Summary Statement Writing Service?

Engineers often find it a challenging and time-consuming task to write a summary statement for their CDR Reports. It requires a thorough understanding of the requirements set by Engineers Australia. You must be able to effectively summarize your competencies, skills, and knowledge in your particular engineering discipline. Many engineers find it a daunting task to write summary statements and thus, they alternatively choose professional summary statement writing services to craft their summary statements.

Choose Us For Professional Engineer Summary Statement Writing Services

We at CDR Engineers Australia, understand how crucial it is to write a high-quality Summary Statement that meets all the requirements set by EA. Our team of skilled Australian engineers are specialized in providing you with result-oriented CDR Writing Services and Summary Statement Writing Services to help you migrate to Australia as a skilled engineer.

Our seasoned summary statement writers effectively demonstrate your competencies through your summary statement. Moreover, we provide our clients with personalized CDR summary statement writing services that are tailored to their specific needs and CEs. We offer a satisfaction guarantee and keep revising the CDR report until you’re happy with the final product. Connect With Us now and put your best foot forward in the migration to Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Summary Statement is a component of the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) required for engineers who want to migrate to Australia. It provides a concise summary of your engineering competencies, skills, and knowledge as per Engineers Australia’s requirements. The summary statement correlates your skills and knowledge to the specific paragraphs in your Three Career Episodes.

Writing a Summary Statement for EA requires a thorough understanding of the Engineers Australia competencies and the ability to effectively summarize your engineering competencies, skills, and knowledge. It’s essential to identify the specific paragraphs in the three career episodes that demonstrate your competencies and skills and reference them in your CDR summary statement.

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