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There are many factors responsible for determining the quality of the CDR skill assessment for Engineers Australia. CDR Engineers Australia has its own writing service, and other related technical services dedicated to provide you with around 99% guaranteed results. We work collaboratively with our professional writers and experts from various engineering backgrounds towards achieving your goal. Our focus is to help you prepare quality CDR reports according to the candidate’s perspective and also understand his/her needs as we spend a considerable amount of time in detailed interactions. The reason we stand out from other CDR Writing Services is that we provide quality CDR samples for an early head start. We deliver our services by the deadline. This gives our clients enough time to proof-read the documents and correct mistakes, if any. This will help you get the best final report and achieve highly paying jobs in a world class environment. We happily welcome engineers from all around the world who wish to work as skilled migrant engineers in Australia.

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Best Price Guarantee!

You receive superior quality at the most affordable price in the market. None of our competitors can match the features CDR Engineers Australia provides at our prices. So, enjoy our complete package of CDR services knowing that you will receive more from this life-changing opportunity, than what you have spent on our services.

Plagiarism Free Work!

CDR Engineers Australia conducts CDR Report Review and other document reviews. We evaluate the completed documents several times in order to make sure it is clutter and plagiarism free. Our team of professional writers will make sure of that! We believe in developing content that is relevant, of high quality, and acceptable to Engineers Australia.

Plagiarism Free CDR Writing
CDR service providers

Around the Clock Support!

For the excellent and the most convenient CDR, RPL and KA02 skill assessment services for our clients, we are available round the clock, almost every day of the week. In case of need of any technical assistance, we will assign a specified team for future projects. You can get in touch with our team through phone calls, emails, or online chats.

Domain Specific Writers for CDR

Our writers are CDR professionals who truly understand your specifications, which makes us stand out as the most reliable skill assessment service provider in CDR, RPL, and KA02 Report Writing. Our CDR experts have extensive knowledge and necessary experience in writing quality CDR, and can meet the requirements as provided by the Engineers Australia (EA).

Domain Specific Writing for CDR
CDR for all Engineering Disciplines

Across All Engineering Disciplines!

We are always ready to create and evaluate CDRs and KA02s of any engineering discipline/field. It can be of diverse engineering fields such as civil engineer, chemical engineer, electrical engineer, electronics engineer, computer engineer, telecommunications network engineer, plant engineer, or any other. We also provide CDR Samples. that have been approved by EA for many engineering disciplines.

On Time Delivery!

CDR Engineers Australia are always thorough in execution and punctual regarding deadlines. Our experts make sure that all services are delivered on time to give you sufficient time to examine your work. We guide you at your own pace whilst meeting the deadline before handing the reports over to EA for skill assessment processing, ACS, or IPENZ.

Engineers Australia CDR

Feel Free to Reach Out to Us

If you are interested in knowing more details about moving to Australia with a skilled visa and want to achieve top level CDR writing service, we are always open and available to help you in every way.

Our Services

CDR Report contents

CDR Reports

Get a complete CDR report with the combination of a detailed Curriculum Vitae, three Career Episodes (CEs), and Summary Statement (SS) for all your career episodes by our dedicated team. These reports will be based on your work experience, skills, knowledge, achievements and qualification. Using our thorough CDR, you can exhibit your engineering expertise to Engineers Australia.

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Career Episode format

Career Episodes

You can create three Career Episodes for Engineers Australia of 1000-2500 words long, based on your past three different projects through the proper guidance by our expert team to show that you are qualified for a skilled migration visa through CDR skill assessment. Career episodes are basically essays about your project.

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professional engineers of Engineers Australia

Summary Statements

We will help you prepare the perfect Summary Statement for Engineers Australia, which usually contains a page long statement. It focuses on your three career episodes. The contents of the summary are key elements which showcase your capability and help you stand out from the crowd. It evaluates your proficiency in applying the skills you have in the field.

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Stage 2 CDR requirement

CDR Stage 2 Assessment

CDR Stage 2 Assessment is a measure of the extent to which the applicant is competent enough regarding the knowledge base, skills, and engineering abilities to practice independently without supervision. It is an assessment of whether the applicant qualifies for the Chartered membership of Engineers Australia, and also for the registration on the National Engineering Register.

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RPL Report format

RPL Reports

Get a thorough RPL Report that complies with the requirements of ACS Skill Evaluation. With the help of the factual information you provide, our experts will analyze the essential requirements and can guarantee a professional presentation by providing helpful tips and guidelines. Leading specialists, who have a successful track record of positive CDR skill assessments, will verify the materials you provide.

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KA02 Report

KA02 Reports

Get a comprehensive KA02 report that thoroughly analyzes engineering competencies in relation to each KA02 rule and reference. With the help of our writing services for engineers, you can prepare a draft on how you will write your report. Our writers are knowledgeable about every requirement for a perfect KA02 article to remove all of your confusions you might have on how you are moving forward, and achieve significant results.

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How does CDR Engineers Australia Work?

Consultation for CDR Reports
Step 1

Free Consultation for CDR Reports queries

Are you worried about how to begin your CDR reports? Get your free consultation from our CDR professional engineers and counselors for CDR Australia Migration where you can get the chance to talk to one of our agents via chat or call about your CDR skill assessment pathways. You can even start by submitting the application form. Our CDR representative will analyze your documents and requirements, and evaluate the case for further processes for your CDR for Engineers Australia.

CDR report cost
Step 2

Make Partial Payment

After the completion of your CDR skill assessment, one of our expert agents for ANZSCO Code of your occupation will connect with you to help you throughout the skill assessment report for Engineers Australia. Before that, you need to make sure you have deposited a certain portion of the payment as stated on the pricing details. Or, you might get a call from our representative who will guide you through the payment procedure.

CDR Report draft
Step 3

Send Draft Copy

As soon as we complete the CDR report, we will send you the draft copy for further modifications and confirmation. You can freely examine all the information and can specify any changes you wish to make in the provided CDR report. This process is the crucial one as it decides your future migration to Australia.

Complete CDR Report
Step 4

Get Completed CDR Report

After the successful completion of the changes based on your review, we will then send you the final CDR draft copy, which is ready for Engineers Australia skill assessment. You can again request for any new improvements or updates. Finally, we will send the completed CDR report to the Engineers Australia only after you are satisfied with it.

Having a tough time preparing your CDR report?

Well, you have found the right one for CDR for Engineers Australia! Chat with us anywhere, and anytime. We are the most reliable business source in the CDR, RPL, and KA02 writing industries. Our group of friendly team of working professionals are always available to answer you with all your queries and inconveniences regarding Engineers Australia skill assessment.

What our clients reviewed about us!

Stacey Kelly
Project Manager
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I must say that your team performed a fantastic job on my competency demonstration study. It was so easy to communicate with your team that I was able to rapidly explain my experiences and competencies to them. The technical writers' familiarity with Australian English and Engineers Australia's needs and norms was of the finest quality.
Azahar Ansari
Mechanical Engineer
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I just received my Mechanical Engineer certification after passing the CDR assessment. Because your group helped make it possible, I'm sharing this achievement with you. You've developed an effective strategy for acquiring information, preparing it, and writing it in compliance with Engineers Australia's criteria. I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication.
Luke Davis
Chemical Engineer
Read More
I'm writing to convey my gratitude for the outstanding work your team has completed. I recently received my Civil Engineer certification from Engineers Australia. Your group is an expert in providing faultless CDRs. Your experts looked after my engineering endeavors in great detail. I really loved the degree of cooperation you demonstrated with me during this process.

More information on Skilled Migration to Australia

We have more detailed information about Australian skilled migration and skill assessments on our blog. Read out latest updates and blogs. Send us inquiries and feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) is a technical document that enables engineers from non-accredited or non-accord countries to migrate to and, subsequently, practice engineering in their field in Australia. It is a compilation of documents which allows Engineers Australia, which holds the main authority for hiring immigrant engineers, to assess their competency in engineering and fluency in the English language. It basically evaluates if the applicant engineers are up to the engineering standards of Australia. CDR could be for a variety of engineering disciplines such as civil engineer, electrical engineer, telecommunications network engineer, chemical engineer, plant engineer, electronics engineer, computer engineer, or any other. A CDR report is a detailed report consisting of a Curriculum Vitae, three Career Episodes, and a Summary Statement. It must be immaculate as poor quality reports are dismissed by Engineers Australia. There are agencies, like ours, specialized in assisting you with writing a proper CDR report.

After you had a positive skill assessment from Engineers Australia, there are still documents necessary for the Skilled Migration Visa. It includes the application form, declaration page, three Career Episodes, Continual Professional Development (CPD) Report, Summary Statement, IELTS Result and Certified Academic documents and Experience Letters. These documents provide information about engineers’ capabilities based on their skills and knowledge.

CDR in civil engineering is a CDR written by a prospective candidate who wants to work as a civil engineer in Australia. All necessary reports, such as three Career Episodes, Continuing Professional Development, Summary Statement, and Curriculum Vitae, are included in the CDR in civil engineering. Some necessary documents required for CDR in civil engineering are Curriculum Vitae, Continual Professional Development sample, Civil Engineering Career Episode Report Sample 1, 2 and 3, and Civil Engineer Summary Statement Sample.

CDR is absolutely required if you are planning to migrate to Australia on a Skilled Migrant Visa. It is based on the undergraduate and/or graduate qualifications. The CDR for Australia allows you to demonstrate that your knowledge on engineering, and competencies meet the Australian standards. It showcases your expertise in your engineering field. CDR Engineers Australia accepts these four categories. They are Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist, Engineering Associate and Engineering Manager.

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