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Among a large number of competitive writing services in the market, CDR Engineers Australia stands out as one of the leading service providers because of knowledgeable technical writers and high approval ratings of the previous reports by Engineers Australia. We offer a wide range of reports that comprise a CDR such as career episodes (CEs), summary statement (SS) and continuing professional development (CPD) reports. Our reports will all be based upon your knowledge and skills, past work experiences, academic achievements, and qualifications.

We have a group of professional writers who are well versed in the criteria and guidelines of Engineers Australia for the preparation of CDR reports. CDR report writing is a bit complex, and we understand the stress you might face while writing it on your own. In order to draw you towards actually sitting down and writing, we are here to guide you throughout the writing process. Our circle of dedicated writers will help students of various engineering disciplines in creating the best possible reports which are more likely to be accepted by Engineers Australia. We are able to win the hearts of the clients in the past because of our strong dedication we have had in helping them. We believe in finest quality writing services which will target a large number of potential engineers intending to migrate to Australia in days to come.

What is a CDR Report?

CDR report, simply known as Competency Demonstration Report, is a procedural  document targeted especially towards engineering students with which they can qualify for a Skilled Migration Visa to Australia by proving their competencies. It evaluates each and every engineer’s skills and knowledge, and selects the best candidates among them.

Who needs CDR, and why is it required?

Engineering students or professionals, who are planning to settle in Australia and whose qualifications are non accredited or are from non-accord countries, can apply through the CDR pathway. Engineers, who intend to migrate to Australia to settle down, have to go through the skill assessments by Engineers Australia (the main governing body responsible for assessing engineering skills of the migrants) first.

The Migration Skill Assessment (MSA) gives credit to those students, who are in accordance with the agreement of the Sydney Accord, Dublin Accord or Washington Accord. Others who do not fall into countries or are not accredited by EA must submit the CDR Report and Stage 2 CDR Writing ( which is required after migrating to Australia and working there) as well.

CDR is just a platform to let Engineers Australia know that your qualifications and skills match the Australian standards. All the CDR report experts include professional engineers who have been assessed comprehensively by EA.

Having a tough time preparing your CDR report?

Well, you have found the right one for CDR for Engineers Australia! Chat with us anywhere, and anytime. We are the most reliable business source in the CDR, RPL, and KA02 writing industries. Our group of friendly team of working professionals are always available to answer you with all your queries and inconveniences regarding Engineers Australia skill assessment.

Guidelines for preparation of CDR

  • The Continuous Professional Development (CPD), Career Episodes Writing (CEs), and Summary Statement (SS) are the key components of your CDR report. The division of these topics make it simpler to understand each essay’s purpose resulting in an effective CDR. Our writing services will make it more convenient for you on how to keep the desired content in each topic of the essays.
  • The Engineers Australia asks every applicant to take an English proficiency test to make sure that candidate fits perfectly for work adhering to the Australian standards. They do not approve incorrect grammar and styles. Hence, you need to work well on your language skills. With the guidance of our technical writers, you can rectify future blunders or errors earlier before you hand it over to Engineers Australia. You can delegate this responsibility to our CDR writing experts.
  • Choosing the right kind of topic for your CDR plays a crucial role in your selection under Migration Australia Skill Assessment. For this, you can get a look at EA competencies requirements, and find out what topic is suitable for you based upon your past projects and achievements. Selection of this topic can be made less time-consuming with the help of our technical experts, who understands what EA is looking for in a certain topic.
  • EA looks forward to such candidates, who can help the company grow through creativity and problem solving. For this, you must possess outstanding skills relating to the level of difficulty. So, you can describe how many companies you have worked with in the past, and mention the most valuable company you ever got hired by. You also need to explain how you have grown professionally. There is no place for lies as your claims need to be backed by essential documents and evidences.
  • Each and every word of your Career Essays matter to the EA selection team but what the examiners prefer the most is your Summary Statement. In a Summary Statement for Engineers Australia, details must be referenced back to your essays. It should be written in a very careful way as it makes the first impression on every assessor.
  • Always start your Career Episodes mentioning the first person in the active voice until the end. For example, you can start with “I worked with..”, “I managed..”, “I learnt…”, etc. This is also a technique to prove to them how well-versed you are in the English language. Preference is given more to someone who adds weightage to the essay by factual information and is to the point, rather than someone who stuffs it with unnecessary details.
  • You can access CDR samples for CDR reports. Unless there are any difficulties, we will ask you to pen down your own words according to your understanding of EA selection. This will help you to get purposeful content which is what our EA Skill Assessment team is looking for. A plagiarised content will lead you to higher chances of rejection. To get yourself free from plagiarism, you can have your CDR Report Review done by us once, twice, thrice or even more times.

Requirements of CDR

  • The updated resume copy of the candidate
  • Your personal details including birth certificate and passport.
  • Evidence providing your competency as an English language speaker
  • Academic documents supporting all your qualifications
  • Professional documents you have acquired
  • Three career episodes
  • Summary statement of the skills you possess (you must take the reference from three career episodes)
  • List of current employment

Components of CDR Assessment

Components of CDR Assessment

Personal Information

This includes a recently captured passport size photo with your clear image, a scanned national identity card or bio-data you possess and a latest CV which possesses a chronological listing of all the activities pertaining to your career. You might need a supporting document for a name change in case your name has been changed over time showing different names in academic documents.

If you are a working professional, the format should as following:

  • Name and address of the organization
  • Dates and duration of work
  • Your position in your workplace should be mentioned too
  • Summary of the roles you have handled should be included with the projects you have completed while working for that company.

Note: The certificate of English Language Proficiency Test (IELTS/PTE/TOEFL) should be submitted along with the documents as evidence.

Application Information

Your application must be immaculate. It should be filled with required components and must include necessary details. Any error in the application will lead to rejection.

Academic qualifications

Each academic qualification mentioned should be supported by its respective document. It is mandatory that all your scanned copies of degrees, certificates, and transcripts must be submitted. Students working on any other degree after an engineering degree have to specify the additional documents relating to that degree. Also, if you are enrolled in any formal education program, a letter of your enrollment and your current transcript has to be included.

Employment History

All documents for past work experiences must be submitted. Documents without the English language can be translated with the help of authorized translators and both original and translated copies must be provided. Engineering professionals who have been serving an organization for more than 12 months and those who have written their career essay based on any other professional experience must also submit a reference letter from the employer. The reference letter should be on a letter head of the company stating your position, date of commencement and termination of the work signed by the manager.

CDR Report

The CDR Report must include all three career episodes along with a good Summary Statement and a Continuing Professional Development report.

Additionally, we also provide RPL Report Writing and KA02 Report Writing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Provide necessary information only. Stuffing it with unnecessary details will confuse the Assessor and might lead to rejection.
  • In no more than 1000 words, you should write the body part with necessary details such as the task you were presented with, how you worked as a part of a team (if it was a team project), how you applied your knowledge and skills, and more.
  • Do not forget to describe the creative designs you had introduced or were a part of. It generally impresses the Assessor.
  • There are often technical challenges in engineering projects. You must explain what those technical difficulties were, and how you helped in solving them.
  • You should be extra careful while writing the Summary Statement. It is like a map which cross references to the Career Episodes.

A CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) is a set of documents which prove that the applicant has the core technical engineering knowledge and skills as well as the capability of applying that knowledge in the occupational category he/she has chosen. Engineers practicing overseas can acquire validation of their qualifications from Engineers Australia and get the skilled migration visa for Australia. Its approval opens up the opportunity to work as a bonafide engineer in Australia.

It consists of your personal details, an updated copy of your Curriculum Vitae, evidence of the English language proficiency test, evidence of your educational qualification and transcripts, employment letters, three Career Episodes, a Summary Statement, and Continual Professional Development (CPD).

Various universities have different criteria in certifying engineers. Some universities hold higher standards to qualify as an engineer, whereas some have lower. It is very difficult to hold all the universities’ engineering degrees to a common standard. Having an advanced and growing economy, Australia is in need of engineers. Engineers Australia is one of such bodies to certify the engineers of Australia. It also validates the qualifications of engineers from non-accord countries or from non-accredited universities. For this, the candidate must submit documents called CDR (Competency Demonstration Report). Only by demonstrating adequate competency through a successful CDR, does Australia let the applicant to come and work as an engineer there.

  • Language Barrier:
    You might be a very skilled and knowledgeable engineer, but what if you don’t have a good base in English? Engineers Australia insists that the applicant have good English. The report must be written in no other language but English.
  • Lack of Research:
    Let’s say you are a new engineer, and you haven’t done a lot of research work. In short, you have not got the opportunity to spend that much time improving your research skills. To create this report, you must have done adequate research.
  • Lack of Writing Skills:
    This often happens to a native English language speaker. This also is a problem with those who have learnt English from movies, music and TV shows. You are a fluent speaker of English, but do not know how to write it in proper grammar and syntaxes.
  • No One to Help:
    The format and guidelines of CDR are very technical. It is difficult to understand and work with.
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