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We are here to provide you with the best reviewing service. Bring your CDR report to us, and our experts will check for any potential errors and resolve them for approval.

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CDR Report Review

Our team of specialists spend a considerable time reviewing your report. We review it with the high standards we have maintained. We check the CDR report for plagiarism with our advanced softwares. We edit it ensuring that all the necessary documents and details have been laid out. We proofread it several times so that not a single mistake, not even a minor typo, escapes our notice. And of course, we add finishing touches at the end. Only after rigorous checking, we deem it fit for submission. 

CDR Writing is not as easy as it sounds. Its technicality and procedures can be quite overwhelming. Our team of engineering experts and professional writers will navigate you through ANZSCO Codes, RPL samples, Career Episodes, CDR samples and more so that the documents you present are stronger and free of error. This will increase your chances of favourable skills assessment and, subsequently, approval. You bet, we prepare and deliver perfect CDRs.

Editing and Proofreading

Are you worried you don’t have pristine language skills? (Heck, we can’t acquire excellent English overnight.) Our package includes superb editing and proofreading services. It will make you more confident to submit your CDR to Engineers Australia. We don’t just check your spellings and grammar, we pick out factual errors, mistaken structures, and anything that doesn’t comply with their guidelines. Even if your English is mediocre, we will help you produce a professional sounding document for this Australian skill assessment, bolstering your chances of migration to Australia.

CDR reviewing, with its many edits and proofreads, is an art in itself; that too an art we excel in. A CDR that is not polished is often the reason for rejection of CDRs. Our seasoned writers, in almost every engineering discipline, will provide you constructive feedback when it comes to writing Career Episodes and getting the reports just right. They also give you heads up if there’s anything in the report that goes against Australian sensibilities and hurts your chances. They will work on your CDR report over and over again until it is EA-ready.

Plagiarism Checking and Removal Service

Have you come across a beautifully written sentence in a report while researching? Were you unable to suppress the urge to simply copy paste it? We have all been there. Engineers Australia uses the state-of-the-art tools and softwares when it comes to checking for plagiarism. They are extremely strict about plagiarism. Resorting to plagiarism demonstrates the applicant’s lack of ethics. Who knows what he/she will steal next? So, our experts detect plagiarism in your report before they do, sparing you a year of being banned by the Engineers Australia.

Of course, the Assessor cannot go through tons of unnecessary details. We will help you stick to the word limit ensuring that nothing important is left out. Your CDR Summary Statement is the first place an assessor reviews, and your Summary Statement is determined from your overall report, so your report must be written in your own words using your original ideas. Any ideas or sentences you have borrowed must be referenced, or else it will be counted as literary theft. After you submit a draft of your completed report, our experts will inspect it for any trace of plagiarism and even run it through advanced tools and software. They will provide you with a list of sentences which have been found to be plagiarised. It gives you a chance to alter them before you submit your report. Plagiarism check and removal is extremely important when it comes to writing a successful CDR.

Besides all of this, we also provide RPL Report writing services and KA02 Report writing services.

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If you are interested in knowing more details about moving to Australia with a skilled visa and want to achieve top level CDR writing service, we are always open and available to help you in every way.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are certain rules in EA about CDR writing. Many qualified and experienced engineers get rejected in CDR assessment. Engineers Australia rejects your CDR if your CDR isn’t written as per their requirements. But there is no need to panic after rejection, using our  CDR review services will help you to pass the cdr assessment on the second attempt.

Skills assessments are issued by relevant skills assessment authorities. A skills assessment authority is an organization that verifies your abilities and confirms if they meet their requirement to work in a relevant occupation. In simple words, assessment of an individual’s ability to perform specific jobs is skills assessment.

CDR must contain brief details of your previous work. CDR report includes career episodes, Summary Statements, and continuing professional development. In summary, the CDR report should be around 6000 – 7000 words in length.

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