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What is Stage 2 Competency Assessment for Engineers Australia?

Stage 2 Competency Assessment evaluates the migrant students’ abilities to earn the recognition of advanced level in the field of engineering. It judges the candidate’s knowledge, skills, engineering capabilities, professional values, personal commitment and attitudes that are maintained while working independently or unsupervised. If the criteria laid out by Engineers Australia are met for the Stage 2 Competency Assessment, it means the applicant qualifies for Chartered Professional Engineer status. 

Documents needed for Stage 2 Competency Assessment for Engineers Australia

The candidate needs to submit a series of documents along with CDR Writing for the recognition of Chartered Professional Engineer. These are the required documents:

  • Engineering Competency Claims (ECC)- It proves that you have the competency as well as work experience for the qualification.
  • Continuing Professional Development Record (CPD)- It includes the CPD hours you have earned and evaluates your overall attitude towards technological efficiency and the standards you have maintained in your workplace.
  • Engineering Experience Record (EER)- It is basically a compilation of your work experience letters, including your employers’ names and your job responsibilities.
  • Up to date CV- It includes your latest Curriculum Vitae including your employment history.

Stage 2 Competency Assessment Standards for Professional Engineers?

The applicant is judged on various competencies. Here are some of them:

  • Dedication and determination to grow
  • Making sure all the prices and risks are known beforehand
  • Skills in tackling diverse professions
  • Understanding of the needs of concerned stakeholders, including the customers and the society as a whole
  • Resourcefulness with mitigating risks and maintaining sustainability
  • Knowledge regarding how emerging technologies compare with the old ones and their impact

What are the Steps to Prepare a CDR Competency Demonstration Report for Stage 2 (Engineers Australia)?

The applicants must mention their name, engineering activities and experience, projects handled, duration and all the necessary information. In your application, you are required to include the latest Curriculum Vitae, passport-style photo, passport details, job titles, areas of responsibilities and duties assigned among others. The report must be proof-read several times. It mustn’t include any plagiarised materials. It must be free of grammatical errors and typos. In short, it must be flawless.

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Stage 2 CDR Assessment Components

Stage 2 CDR is a comprehensive report of the qualifications, work experiences, skills, subject knowledge, engineering projects handled, technical proficiency and other important information for you to earn the designation of Chartered Professional Engineer. All the information presented must be according to the rules and regulations set by Engineers Australia. A really good Stage 2 CDR writing doesn’t confuse the Assessor and, hence, the Assessor approves it easily. The relevant information must be presented neatly in a chronological order. It should be a complete summary of your personal and professional details.

Stages of Assessment CDR for Engineers Australia

Here are the two stages of CDR Assessment for Engineers Australia:

Stage 1 CDR Assessment

This is done when the applicants have completed the engineering courses that are not recognized by Engineers Australia. They will have to go through migration skill assessment by Engineers Australia. If they fail to do so, the authority will reject their applications.

Stage 2 CDR Assessment

If the applicants come from other countries and intend to become a Chartered Professional Engineer in Australia, they must clear Stage 2 of CDR Assessment. They are required to submit Engineering Competency Claims (ECC), Engineering Experience Record (EER), Continuing Professional Record (CPD) and the updated Curriculum Vitae.

Four Essential Elements of EA Stage 2 Competency Standards

Here are those four essential elements of Engineers Australia’s Stage 2 Competency Standards:

  1. Personally commits to the service requirements as an engineer.
  2. Adheres to the values at the workplace as an engineer.
  3. Displays technical proficiency as an engineer.
  4. Fulfils obligations towards a community as an engineer.

Purpose of Competency Standard Stage 2

For practising professional engineers, the boundary between the communications of humans and technology might be blurred. They provide indispensable contributions to the science of engineering and make the practice of engineering better. By recognizing their expertise, Engineers Australia accepts migrants with important skills for nation building. Stage 2 CDR competency assessment standard has really raised the bar but there are migrants who can stand the test. If the migrants do have such knowledge and can apply that knowledge effectively, Engineers Australia validates their qualifications. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Engineers Australia is the authorized body for assessing the skills and competencies of an engineering occupation in Australia. It provides migration skill assessment services for those engineers who wish to apply for a permanent or temporary resident visa. Engineers need to pass a comprehensive competency assessment of their skills and qualifications.

Once you submit your application, assessors from engineers Australia will review your full documents and information. An assessment process normally takes about 3-5 weeks or maybe longer.

There are certain things to be considered while writing competency claims for engineers Australia.

  • Claim should be of maximum 700 words per element
  • ECCs should be written in first person
  • Make sure to provide clear and concise information
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