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All three career episodes are explained in detail. We assist you in covering all of the competency units and elements that must be addressed in your summary statement.

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Definition of Summary Statement Engineers Australia

A Summary Statement is a grid of competency elements presented in your Career Episodes. Summary Statement writing depends entirely on your Career Episodes. It maps out different competencies demonstrated in your Career Episodes. In it, the applicant needs to scrutinise the career episodes, and provide cross references in the summary statement format to the relevant career episode paragraph. It is required to assess your aptitude in your engineering domain as well as personal traits to determine if you are fit for their Skilled Migration Visa. It is organised in tabular format as laid out by Engineers Australia. It has many competency units listed. You are required to fill it out by writing down the skills and knowledge you have applied and linking them to the related paragraph from the Career Episodes. However, you should not feel like you have to cover all the competencies and every paragraph; just the relevant ones.

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A good Summary Statement should be composed of all key indicators, units and elements mentioned while writing three career essays and should mainly focus on:

  • Your sound knowledge of engineering and skills
  • Application of your knowledge
  • Demonstration of your problem solving skills
  • Your professional and personal ethics

There are four categories of professional engineers that Engineers Australia recognizes. They are:

  • Professional Engineer
  • Engineering Manager
  • Engineering Technologist and
  • Engineering Associate

The Summary Statement for each of these categories are different. Moreover, a Summary Statement format is structured into three sections. They are Knowledge and Skill Base, Engineering Application Ability, and Professional and Personal Attributes.

Format of Summary Statement Engineers Australia

Summary Statement writing

A Summary Statement has three sections:

1. Knowledge and Skill Base:

You are required to present a testimony that you have sound knowledge and engineering ability in this section. It asks you to provide references of your knowledge about the engineering domain for skill assessment.

2. Engineering Application Ability:

In engineering, the application of the knowledge you have acquired is extremely important. It is all about how you demonstrate your ability to solve engineering problems. In this section, you have to show your aptitude of applying your knowledge of engineering.

3. Professional and Personal Attributes:

Apart from your professional requirements, you have to showcase your personal traits such as work ethic, team work, creativity, and communication skills. You can add to this section the times you have shown certain personal traits which you think is necessary for the Assessor to know.

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Tips for writing CDR Summary Statement

  • For your CDR Summary Statement to be effective, you have to write the Career Episodes properly. You should go through your Career Episode Writing cursorily many times, and check if there is anything related to the Migration Skill Assessment Booklet produced by Engineers Australia. It will make it easier for you to start.
  • You should highlight or jolt down lines that you think are important. It will help you later when you fill out your Summary Statement. You have to number the paragraphs so that it would be easier to cross reference them. By doing so, you are making it easier for the Assessor to understand and analyse your Summary Statement writing along with the complete CDR.
  • Check your Summary Statement many times as it is technical and can be tricky. Make sure none of the references to the paragraphs are incorrect. Any mistakes in references will confuse the Assessor and will lead to rejection. You have to get all the details right. Nothing but a perfect Summary Statement will impress the Assessor. It requires more hard work than you think.
  • Make sure you reference all your career episodes. Don’t feel like you have to stuff it with unnecessary information. Never write just for the sake of filling up the spaces. Be to the point but also detail oriented.
  • Go through some Summary Statement Samples. It will give you a good idea on what Engineers Australia is looking for. You can make changes to your Career Episodes after checking those samples. Or even better, if you could check the samples of the Summary Statement before you write the Career Episodes itself.

After completing your Summary Statements, conduct a CDR Report Review to double check and verify that everything is accurate and complete.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Summary Statement is a list of competencies for your occupational category. In this, the applicant cross-references to the relevant paragraph of the respective Career Episode to prove that he/she has covered the related competencies. It is done according to the guidelines in Engineer Australia’s Migration Skills Assessment Booklet. In other words, it is like a technical map where you link the indicators and elements of the Career Episode to the related competencies.

Engineers Australia is the main governing body, which has the authority over the engineering profession. Its purpose is to unite everyone working as engineers in Australia for the benefit of the engineering community. It even has a global reach to shape the world sustainably. It monitors if the professionals in the engineering field are working under its guidelines. For those who meet their standards, it awards Chartered, NER, and EngExec credentials accordingly. It inspires students to pursue engineering as a career.

With more than 100,000 members across the world, it provides an array of benefits. It provides a helping hand to your career. You will be able to build connections with other professionals. It will give you exposure. Hence, it opens doors for more opportunities for you in your career. It aids in professional development. You must be looking for challenging and exciting opportunities. Membership of Engineers Australia helps you secure such engineering opportunities. Additionally, it supplies you with news, and you will also have access to its resources.

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