Skilled Migration To Australia for 2023

Having one of the strongest performing economies in the world, Australia is a stable, democratic, and culturally diverse nation. Australia is one of the safest countries in the world to emigrate to, even when compared to other first-world countries such as the United Kingdom. In comparison to other countries’ migration programs, obtaining a student visa in Australia is simpler. Students who want to study in Australia must meet certain requirements in order to obtain a visa. While other countries are experiencing job shortages (multiple unemployed workers for one job opening), Australia is experiencing a skilled worker shortage (more job openings than suitably skilled workers). This provides many opportunities for working holiday-makers to find well-paying jobs. The country provides excellent job opportunities and has attracted a large number of immigrants. That’s fantastic news for professionals, particularly those in certain technical fields.

The Skilled Visa to Australia is designed for skilled individuals or families who want to permanently relocate to Australia to fill skill shortages. The General Skilled Migration program offers permanent visas that are either independent, sponsored by an Australian state or territory, or sponsored by a family member. This skilled stream of migration is created or designed to fulfill positions where no Australian workers are available by attracting migrants who can make significant contributions to the Australian economy. Migrants who have migrated through skilled visas help to stimulate economic growth of the country through high participation rates in the workforce. Skilled migrant streams also lead in regional development by providing skills and labor that cannot be acquired locally.

The Skilled Occupation List focuses on determining which occupations are eligible to apply for Australian immigration.

Occupations invited to apply as skilled migration to Australia are

1. Skilled Migration As Engineer

Among the list of skilled occupations, engineering is the one which carries huge potentiality that leads an individual to be granted a skilled migration visa to Australia. Engineering as a skilled occupation includes engineers such as Aeronautical Engineers, Agricultural Engineers, Biomedical Engineers, Engineering Technologists, Environmental Engineers, Naval Architects (Aus) and other top engineering jobs in Australia.

ANZSCO (Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations) is used for categorizing all occupations on the basis of their skills in Australia and New Zealand. Some skilled engineering occupations along with their ANZSCO Codes are mentioned below:

Skilled Engineering OccupationANZSCO Code
Aeronautical Engineer233911
Agricultural Engineer233912
Biomedical Engineer233913
Engineering Technologist233914
Environmental Engineer233915
Civil Engineer233211
Chemical Engineer233111

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2. Skilled Migration as Accountant (General)

Accountants fall under the category of skilled migration to Australia, which can create huge career opportunities for those who are seeking their career in this sector. The ANZSCO code for this occupation is 221111. Services relating to compliance-based financial reporting, auditing, insolvency and accounting information systems are provided through this skill, and it also fetches advice on associated record-keeping requirements. Some specializations that are involved in this skilled occupation are:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Insolvency Consultant
  • Insolvency Practitioner

Note: The average age for men is 40.6 and for women is 39.4.

3. Skilled Migration as Aeroplane Pilot

Airplane pilots fly planes to transport people, mail, and cargo, or to provide agricultural, aerial surveillance, or other aviation services. The ANZSCO code for this skilled occupation is 231111. Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is the skill assessment authority for airplane pilots. Some requirements necessary to be provided for this skilled occupation visa are:

  • Evidence of at least 5 years flying at the professional level.
  • Written evidence of work done in flying expertise.
  • Last completed log book page of flying experience.

This occupation falls under the group of air transport professionals (2311). Some other occupations in this group involves:

  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Flying Instructor
  • Helicopter Pilot.

4. Skilled Migration As Nurse

Australia welcomes qualified nurses to migrate to the country as it is a highly sought-after occupation. Registered Nurse occupations are currently on the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and the Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL), giving them access to a variety of Australian immigration visa programs. For Australian skilled migration, nurses with local or international qualifications, English language proficiency, and relevant work experience are offered a variety of temporary and permanent visa options.

Registered nurses must meet the minimum points requirement set by the Federal Government in Legislative Instrument Migration (LIN 19/210: Pool and Pass Marks for General Skilled Migration Visas) with Instrument 2019 to be eligible for skilled migration.

  • 65 points for visa subclass 189 (Skilled—Independent).
  • 65 points for visa subclass 190 (Skilled—Nominated).
  • 65 points for visa subclass 491 (Regional Skilled Work (Provisional)).

5. Skilled Migration As Chef

Chefs are those professionals who plan and organize the preparation and cooking of food in dining or catering establishments. Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) is the skill assessment authority for chefs. The ANZSCO code for this skilled occupation is 351311. TRA involves three programs for this skilled occupation assessment. They are:

  • Offshore Skills Assessment (OSA)
  • Migration Skills Assessment
  • Temporary Shortage Skills Assessment

Commis chef, Demi chef, Second chef, Sous chef, etc. are some specializations of this category.

6. Skilled Migration as Developer Programmer

Developer programmers interpret specifications, technical designs, and flow charts, maintain, and modify code for software applications, build technical specifications from a business functional model, and test and write technical documentation. Some of its major specializations includes:

  • Communications Programmer
  • Database Programmer
  • Database Developer
  • Software Programmer
  • Network Programmer
  • Software Developer

Australian Computer Society (ACS) is the skills assessment authority for developer programmers. The ANZSCO code of this skilled occupation is 261312. This skilled occupation migration visa requires four types of application for the purpose of migration.

  • Temporary Gratitude (TG)
  • Post Australian Study (PAS)
  • Skills
  • Recognition of Prior Learning

7. Skilled Migration as Economist

Economists conduct economic research and analysis, develop and apply theories about the production and distribution of goods and services, as well as people’s spending and financial behavior, and provide economic policy advice to governments and organizations. Specializations in this profession includes:

  • Agricultural Economist
  • Economic Forecaster
  • Health Economist
  • Mineral Economist
  • Econometrician
  • Taxation Economist
  • Environmental Economist

Vocational and Education Training Assessment (VETASSESS) is the skills assessment authority for this occupation. The ANZSCO code for this occupation is 224311. Tasks such as examining the effects of government fiscal and monetary policies, expenditure, taxation, and other budgetary policies on the economy and community involved in this profession among others.

8. Skilled Migration as Make Up Artist

Makeup artists are beauty professionals, who perform general makeup or work in prosthetic design. Their main responsibilities include intensifying facial aesthetics with makeup, creating custom looks for clients, and assisting actors on film sets. Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) is the skills assessment authority for this skilled occupation. The ANZSCO code of this professional is 399514. It falls under the group of performing arts technicians with the ANZSCO code of 3995. This occupation requires ANZSCO skill level of 3. ANZSCO skill level 3 includes:

  • AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework) Certificate III + 2 years of on-the-job training or
  • AQF certificate IV

In depth, it is obvious that skilled migration is the migration of people from various countries across the world to seek opportunities regarding their capabilities by following certain specific procedures. Engineers, doctors, nurses, economists, etc are mentioned above as skilled professionals but there are also other different occupations that belong to this skilled category of migration to Australia. Mathematicians, medical administrators, microbiologists, musicians, nutritionists and many others who can be referred as skilled professionals. By fulfilling the criteria as mentioned by the respective skills assessment authority, skilled professionals can be able to migrate to Australia and achieve their height of success.


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