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With the advancement of technology, Australia has now become a country full of opportunities for engineering students. Studying in Australia is one of the popular choices among international students. Among various fields, Engineering in Australia attracts a lot of hopeful aspirants, because of the promising career the country has to offer. There are 7 of the top 100 engineering universities in Australia that excite international students to study in Australia.

Engineering education in Australia is full of quality with low tuition fees and return on investment. After the completion of your Engineering program in Australia, you have a chance to get permanent residency which has been a common dream for international students.

An engineering degree in Australia is recognized globally accredited degree and it guarantees graduates a bright Engineering Career in Australia with a high earning potential. CDR Engineers Australia understands how important it is to consider researching the country you are planning to study in. We are here to provide comprehensive CDR report writing services tailored specifically to meet the requirements of Engineers Australia.

What is Engineering in Australia?  

Engineering is a highly recommended study course for studying abroad in Australia. Engineering in Australia refers to studying engineering courses on a very broad spectrum of learning platforms. According to your desire and interest, you can choose any engineering discipline to study engineering in Australia. It allows international students to learn the skills, techniques, and knowledge in globally accredited Australian universities for engineering.

Top 6 Reasons to Choose Engineering in Australia 

Following graduation from school, engineering aspirants often find it a daunting task to choose where they should pursue their engineering education. This confusion is normal as it is a very critical decision to make. You should be among those thousands of students who choose to pursue their engineering studies in Australia. There are a variety of reasons to choose engineering in Australia and the major ones are listed below.

  • Globally Recognized Degree

Engineering degrees in Australia have great importance all over the world. An Australian engineering degree is one of the most prestigious degrees and when you have one in your hand, you can work in any part of the country without any difficulties. It is a globally recognized degree that helps you get incredible job opportunities. 

  • Employment Prospects

As engineers are highly demanded in Australia, graduates of engineering courses can take advantage of the demand. An engineering job in Australia is very appreciable as you are paid according to your technical skills and knowledge.

  • Quality Education 

Engineering universities of Australia ensure the quality of education. Among the top 100 engineering universities, 7 universities are in Australia. International students have a very wide variety of choices when it comes to studying engineering in Australia. There is no compromise in Australia for the quality of education.

  • Contribution to the Society

Engineering professions in Australia are contributing greatly to its society. As the world is progressing at an alarming rate our society faces different challenges. Engineers have brought tremendous changes and solved real-life problems in a range of sectors.

  • Highly-Paid Engineering Jobs

Engineering jobs in Australia are considered the highest rewarding jobs. They are paid very well according to their technical skills and ability and as they progress towards higher ranks the salary of the engineers keeps growing. It’s no wonder that highly skilled engineers often seek opportunities to apply their expertise to secure some of the Highest Paying Engineering Jobs in Australia.

  • Diverse Cultures

Australia has been home to people from around the world with diverse cultures. There is no cultural cringe and no discrimination among castes and cultures. The country is a box full of a rich tapestry of diverse cultures and religions. It is yet united in its shared humanity and you will feel very comfortable and great over here.

The Top Best Engineering Universities in Australia

Australian universities are known for standard education, innovative teaching methods, and world-class facilities. The universities in Australia provide good opportunities for quality education and help you acquire knowledge and skills which have great value in the global market.

When you choose a good university to study engineering in Australia, it increases your chances of finding high-paying engineering jobs in Australia and having a successful career and future ahead. 

Australian universities allow international students to get post-study work right, which provides them with work experience in Australia after their graduation. This helps you get permanent residency in Australia. Below are listed the 10 best engineering universities in Australia that help you boost your career in engineering.

  1. The University of Melbourne
  2. The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)
  3. The Australian National University (ANU)
  4. Monash University
  5. The University of Sydney
  6. Queensland University
  7. RMIT University
  8. Curtin University
  9. The University of Western Australia (UWA)
  10. Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Course Options for Engineering in Australia

There are various course options for engineering in Australia for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. You can choose your course from the universities of Australia without compromising the quality of education.

After completing high school you can apply for a bachelor’s program in the field of engineering in Australia, which have specialisation in various streams such as civil, software, mechanical, biomedical, technical computer, and different other engineering as well. Moreover, if you are an undergraduate then you can apply for a master’s engineering program in Australia.

How Long Is an Engineering Course in Australia? 

The duration of an engineering course in Australia depends upon the level of the program that one has chosen to study. A Bachelor of Engineering degree in Australia is four years long, which is one year more than the universities of the United Kingdom typically offer. Moreover, the duration for a Master of Engineering degree in Australia is one or two years, depending on the universities and your field of study.

What to do After Graduation in Australia? 

After graduation in Australia, there are various career options for students to pursue. Here are some common pathways that you can choose after engineering  graduation in Australia.

1. Post-Study Work Visa in Australia

Post-study work visa is the best platform if you plan to stay and work in Australia temporarily. It provides an opportunity for graduates to gain valuable work experience in their field of study. While Australia has always offered post-study work to international students, the government recently announced that they are extending the work rights of international students for the following programs.

  • Two years to four years for bachelor’s degree graduates.
  • Three years to five years for master’s degrees graduates.
  • Four years to six years for PhDs.

The extension takes effect from 1 July 2023.

Note that after graduation,  those who want to practise engineering in Australia have to go through Engineers Australia’s skill migration assessment which involves the submission of a CDR report that demonstrates your skills and competencies to work as an engineer in Australia. Writing a CDR report is quite a challenging process and thus, it’s better to let engineers in Australia write them on your behalf. They understand all the requirements and guidelines set by Engineers Australia.

We, CDR Engineers Australia, offer CDR writing services, to help engineers develop CDR reports that highlight their skills, experience, competencies, and achievements in a compelling manner. 

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2. Find a Job Overseas

Once you complete your engineering course in Australia, you can either return to your home country or stay in Australia itself to look for employment opportunities in your engineering domain. Following graduation, update your resume, apply for your desired engineering positions, and be well-prepared for the interviews. There may be vacancies for any job title that you have been qualified for or you can utilise online job portals, career fairs, and networking events. Make sure that you choose industries and positions that align with your skills and competencies.

3. Continue Studying in Australia

After graduation in Australia, one option is to continue studying the various postgraduate programs available in the country. Pursuing higher education allows you to deepen your knowledge, specialise in a specific area of interest, and enhance your career prospects. Australia offers a wide range of reputable universities and research institutions where you can pursue advanced degrees, such as master’s or doctoral programs, in diverse fields of study.


An engineering degree from an Australian university is well-regarded and recognized worldwide. Through the depth of our exploration, engineering jobs in Australia have been proven to be the best sought-after career. Australian universities have a strong reputation for engineering faculties and research facilities, and they can provide you with quality education at a very affordable cost. Moreover, when considering your educational journey in Australia, it’s essential to take into account the cost of living in Australia, which can impact your overall experience as an international student.

After years of hard work when you officially become an engineer, then there is a way you can get a skilled visa to practise engineering in Australia. Engineers Australia takes a skill assessment of engineers from around the world seeking skilled migration to Australia. One of the crucial steps in the Australian skill assessment process is crafting a well-written CDR report.
Let CDR Engineers Australia craft your CDR report and increase your chance of a successful skill migration to Australia. Our CDR writers ensure that each CDR report, including its Career Episodes and Summary Statements, meets the Engineers Australia guidelines. Contact us to get all the answers you may have about CDR Report Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an engineering degree worth it in Australia?


An engineering degree in Australia is considered worth it due to several factors such as high-quality education, strong engineering industry, global recognition, professional accreditation, remuneration and career growth, networking, and industry connections.

What should I do after my graduate degree?


Depending upon your goal and aspirations there are several paths you can consider after your graduate degree – this may include employment, post-study work visa, further studies, entrepreneurship, professional development, and so on.

How long is an engineering course in Australia?


The duration of the engineering course varies depending on the engineering program or the university you choose. A Bachelor of Engineering programs are generally four years long in Australia while a Master of Engineering program is one or two years long.

How much does it cost to study engineering in Australia?


The cost of engineering in Australia varies between the chosen engineering program and the university. In general, The average tuition fee for a bachelor’s engineering degree in Australia begins at around $20,000 per year.

Which engineering is best in Australia?


There are no proper definitive answers as it ultimately depends upon one’s interest, career goal, and market demand. However, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering are among the best engineering programs in Australia for the past few years.

Is Australia a good place for engineering?


Yes, Australia is a good place for engineering. You will enjoy the next level of satisfaction after completing your engineering in Australia.

Why choose Australia for engineering?


You should choose Australia for engineering because of its amazing facilities and the Australian degree that is recognized worldwide.

What are the reasons to study engineering?


There are several reasons to study engineering in Australia. You will have wonderful problem-solving skills, collaboration and teamwork, continuous learning and personal growth, and the capability of making a difference.

Are engineers in demand in Australia?


Yes, engineers are in demand in Australia. The Australian Government has invested a very huge amount in the engineering field such as mining, infrastructure, telecommunication, and so on. This creates a strong demand for skilled engineers across various engineering disciplines.

How much do engineers get paid in Australia?


The salary of engineers in Australia varies according to their field. However, they are paid very well in Australia. Approximately their salary ranges from AUD 55,000 to AUD 70,000.

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